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  • Strategic Design

    Appearance is important, but so is function. We develop websites that combine marketing strategy with fluid design to provide a truly engaging experience for your customers.

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  • Building amazing websites

    without breaking the bank!

    Everyone deserves a great website and you shouldn’t make sacrifices based on your budget. Let us create a budget friendly web design so awesome that you and your customers will think you spent tens of thousands.

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  • Ready to launch?

    Contact us to find out how together we can send your business skyrocketing into the stratosphere.

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Who we are

Happy customers = awesome. We love making our customers happy by building awesome websites. It’s what we do and how we work.

At Astraeus Media, we focus on you AND your customers. Making a website for you isn’t the whole story, it’s creating a website that works for your customer. That’s why we like to spend time understanding a little bit about what you do, about your process. Like we always say, we don’t know your customer, you do, so show us your world and we’ll build something together that will truly knock the socks off your customers and competition without breaking the bank. We like to think we provide just a little slice of heaven in the web driven world.

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Web Design 90%
E-Commerce 75%
Graphic Design 72%
WordPress/Joomla 86%


Web Design

Building awesome websites is what we do. Our proven method goes beyond the fluff, combining strategic thinking with fluent aesthetics to ensure your next web project wows customers.

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Graphic Design

Let's face it, people are visual beings and sometimes it’s all in the packaging. Give your business a facelift with our custom naming, logo, and graphic design services.

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Looking to target a new market or maybe even a complete rebranding? We provide branding, web strategy, and copywriting services that can help launch your business to new heights.

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How We Work

At Astraeus Media, we follow a proven approach to web design that our clients absolutely love. We take the time to fully understand your needs and goals for bringing your business to the web. We don't just create you a website, we develop a web strategy that will increase traffic and create more customers. Think of us as your internet marketing partner.
Astraeus Media + your business = increased revenue... it's that simple.

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